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Image Optimizer & Resizer

Image Resizer & Optimizer is developed to optimize your images on the desired size and dimensions. Click on clear field below to begin compressing, or follow the instructions below.

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Drop your .png or .jpg files here!


How to Optimize Images?

Are you having trouble uploading your images to websites in the optimum size? Do your emails contain big image attachments? Don't worry, Popupsmart is here to solve your problems with the best image optimizer on the web!

  • Click the area above. Select your image(s) from your computer in the popup window appeared.

    Or you can basically drag and drop image(s) to convert.

  • As soon as the upload completes, there will appear a "Download" link.

  • Click the link and have the smaller version of your picture.

    You can download the optimized pictures one by one as well as have them all in one ZIP file.

Free Image Resizer

The tool supports standard file formats like JPEG and PNG. You can upload up to 20 images with the 5 MB size each. After upload process completed, Popupsmart's image optimizer converts your images into compressed files with a quality of to 150 KB in 1 second!

There is an opportunity to batch converting by dragging and dropping multiple images. Then, you can download the compressed images in a ZIP file at once or download them one by one.

Cautions for Use

We don't recommend you to select "Resize" circle because there may appear a quality loss.

If you like to be offered other digital solutions for your business goals, go Popupsmart's free tool webpage!

“I experienced trouble with my website’s speed because I both wanted to have optimized images as well as high-quality images. But it was until I have met with Popupsmart’s free image optimization tool.”

David Elder, Front End Developer, US

“I was struggling with compressing images on the web. When I found this image resizer, problems were disappeared. I have to thank you, Popupsmart!"

Spencer Mukai, Web Developer, UK